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Wednesday January 12, 2011 5:22 pm

Be Your Own Facebook Guru

Many companies feel managing a Facebook fan page is a task that requires a lot of resources and time. This is why you can find hundreds of self-proclaimed Facebook Gurus and experts all around the globe, usually charging a lot of money to help you come up with strategies leading to a successful Facebook fan page. Hey--it really isn't as hard as it looks!

Soap Creative, who has created and managed pages for Unilever, Activision, 20th Century Fox and others, is sharing some of their best practices and strategies they have used. These are strategies  have been field tested and have returned with great results.  Live, learn, and get to Facebooking!



thats so dumb, everyone says he loves his iPhone 4, and all of you are lokonig forward to the iPhone 5, why are iPhones without redesign boring? because apple customers always want to show, that they have a new device , and that they are rich enough to buy a new iPhone every year, and next year you all buyng the iPhone 6, and thats exactly how apple makes there money!

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